Cherry Class


Cherry class is a fantastic classroom that is full of learning opportunities for our younger children. Mrs Harris, our incredibly talented and experienced Nursery Nurse, ensures that the conitnuous provision in this classroom and the adjoining outdoor space enables our children to learn through play and develop their;

  •  Communication and language
  •  Physical development
  •  Personal, social and emotional development
  •  Literacy
  •  Mathematics
  •  Understanding the world
  •  Expressive arts and design


Cherry classroom 3      Cherry pic

Cherry classroom 2

To enable groupings to be fluid and flexible, the curriculum is carefully designed to ensure there's a thematic link between projects. For example, nursery's project 'why can't I have chocolate for breakfast?', reception's 'Why are carrots orange?' and Key Stage 1's 'Scrummdiddlyumptious' are all food based projects. Children are sensitively and carefully guided to the appropriate learning opportunties to ensure knowledge is cumulatively sequenced for each child. 


Current topic: Me and My Community

Me and my community

In the Me and My Community project, your child will learn about the school community and building friendships. They will explore the school grounds and find out about all the people in school who are there to help them. They will explore how they are special and unique and how everyone’s family is different. They will take part in practical activities to support them to build new friendships and explore what makes a good friend. They will also find out about people in the community who help us, including doctors, nurses, and the emergency services.

Supporting your child at home

  • Look at family photographs together and discuss who is part of your family and extended family.
  • Look at baby photographs and talk about how they have grown.
  • Look at any childhood photographs of parents and grandparents.
  • Talk about the things you like to do together and places you like to go.

Words to use and explore:

  • family
  • friend
  • special
  • parent
  • brother
  • sister
  • grandma/granny
  • grandpa/grandad
  • friend
  • kind
  • helpful
  • listen
  • share
  • rule
  • instruction
  • doctor
  • nurse
  • police
  • fire service
  • emergency
  • community
  • paramedic
  • ambulance


Next topic: Puddles and Rainbows 

Puddles and rainbows

In the Puddles and Rainbows project, your child will learn about the weather associated with the season of spring. They will explore natural phenomena, including rainbows, clouds, rain and wind. They will explore colours found in the natural environment and learn how to mix primary colours to make new colours.

Supporting your child at home

  • Walk in your local environment and talk about the changes that have happened since winter.
  • Go on a colour hunt and find objects for all the colours of a rainbow.
  • Watch the weather forecast together and make a note of the different weather through the week.
  • Go outside on a rainy day and find puddles to jump in.

Words to use and explore:

  • spring
  • weather
  • season
  • sunshine
  • snow
  • sleet
  • hail
  • rain
  • wind
  • rainbow
  • colour
  • primary
  • red
  • yellow
  • blue


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