Cedar Class

The Year 5 and 6 children are taught in the main school building with easy access to the library and the ipads! They are also fortunate to have access to a further two smaller rooms which they can use for group work.


Our topic for term 1 is Scream Machine

Please find the support documents below. Don't forget to go to the library to get some of the wonderful books recommended! 

Roll up, roll up! You’re going on a day trip to a theme park to soak up the unique sights, smells and sounds of the fair. Learn about the science behind roller coasters and write poems that are shaped as a loop the loop. Design a theme park and show your ideas on a digital map. Testing, testing! Time for some mini investigations. Cam mechanisms, pendulums, pulleys and prototypes. Let’s go behind the scenes to see forces at work. Good news! The engineers at ‘Scream Towers’ love your work and want you to build a death-defying new drop ride for a theme park. Make a working model and test it out with uncooked eggs. Cracking stuff! Okay, ready to ride? Don’t forget to scream if you want to go faster!

This half term, we’ll write poems to capture the excitement of riding a roller coaster and investigate the wonders of centripetal force. After carrying out fair tests to investigate the materials used to make roller coasters, we’ll create prototype rides of our own. Let’s hope we choose the right materials! In our computing work, we’ll upload photographs of rides and examine online theme park maps. Then, we’ll use advanced techniques and commands to search for information on the internet. In English, we’ll write stories, signs and emails about theme parks and investigate forces by making a ride. We’ll design a roller coaster using software such as Scratch and look at online advertising. At the end of the ILP, we’ll write non-fiction books, using a variety of sources including online information. We’ll use software to write computer programs, and deliver a presentation to advertise a ride. Finally, we’ll make some delicious fairground food for everyone to enjoy!


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