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TERM 4 PROJECT - Frozen Kingdom  

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In the Frozen Kingdoms project, your child will learn about the regions of the Arctic and Antarctic. They will learn about the similarities and differences between these two regions, including the climate, landscape and natural resources. They will learn how to use grid references, lines of latitude and longitude, contour lines and symbols to identify the geographical locations of the Arctic and Antarctic, and how these, along with the tilt of the Earth, affect day length and warmth. They will investigate polar oceans to learn how they differ from other oceans on Earth and how climate change increases Earth's temperature and leads to rising sea levels. They will learn about the indigenous people of the Arctic, including how their lives have changed over time, and about the positives and negatives of tourism in Antarctica. They will also learn about classifying animals, animal adaptations and evolution, and polar exploration and discovery.

Please find the project documents below (Page downloads). 


We are basing our fictional writing around 'The Whale' By Ethan and Vita Murrow. This book is beautifully illustrated and has no words which allows us to tell our own version of the story. 

The Whale

We have started by doing our own research about Whales from home: 



Our class text for this term is 'The Wolf Wilder' by Katherine Rundell.

The Wolf Wilder


Cedar Class will be doing PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure that your child comes to school in their PE kit on these days.


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