Local  Committee

Parent Elected/Appointed


Academy Appointed


Staff  (incl. Headteacher)




Diocese appointed




The Local Commitee is established by The MILL Academy Trust Board and  has three key functions in their relationship with the school: Support, Challenge and Champion. The functions, duties and proceedings of the Local Committee is set out in The MILL Academy Trust’s Scheme of Delegation and Terms of Reference. Each Local Committee volunteer plays an essential part in making sure that the committee as a whole works effectively. All Local Committee volunteers abide by a code of conduct which includes the seven principles of public life. 

The Local  Committee has three link volunteers for Safeguarding, Special Educational Needs and Disability and Grants such as  Pupil Premium.  The Local Committee meets four times a year.

The Chair of the Local  Committee is Rob Barkworth

Local Committee 2018/19

Name Start date & elected by Term of Office Ends Pecuniary & Conflict of  interests

Rob Barkworth (Chair)

Feb. 2017

Elected by parents

Feb. 2021


Sarah Adair

Oct. 2017

Elected by staff



Teacher at Finstock School

Laura Dodgson-Hatton

Sept. 2018



Rhyanne Young

Sept. 2018

Co-opted governor 

Sept. 2022

Teaching Assistant at Witney School

Gemma Challender

Jan. 2018

Co-opted governor

Jan. 2022

Teacher in local schools

Pete Welply

Oct. 2018

Academy appointed

Oct. 2022

Independent Social Work Practice Educator.  Temporary lecture posts at Oxford Brookes and Ruskin College.  Trustee with Home Start, Banbury & Chipping Norton.  Friends of Finstock School Member. Partner is a reading volunteer at Finstock School.

Jane Mansell

Sept. 2017

Diocese appointed 

Sept. 2021 

Sixth form A-level Maths and Accounting teacher. Husband (Rev. Paul Mansell) is the local vicar.

Rosalind Danks

Feb. 2017

Diocese appointed

Feb. 2021

 Part-time equine assisted leadership & mindfulness coach.  Associate of charity HorseHeard. Director of TVSA Limited.