Outdoor Learning and Play


Research has shown that children spend 20% of their time in school playing. To ensure that this time and our fantastic school grounds are used to their full potential our school allows the children freedom to explore play in their own imaginative ways, often using found and gathered resources in the natural outdoor environment.

The approach promotes a more inclusive play environment in which all children can feel comfortable to express themselves. Our children love the new outdoor opportunities offered with so much more for them to do, no matter the weather! From playing with tyres and using the scooter boards, to building with loose parts. Our playtimes offer an exciting alternative to the standard playground activities.

Through this approach to play children are not only more active at lunch or break times, but they are also having the opportunity to further develop life skills such as cooperation, team work and problem solving. They are becoming motivated and enthusiastic builders, engineers, explorers and designers.



  • Happier children
  • Children coming into class ready to learn
  • A fully inclusive playtime offer
  • Opportunity for creativity and decision-making
  • Children development independence and resilience skills
  • Increased social skills
  • .... and most importantly fun!