Oak Class

Oak class provides education for EYFS, Year 1 and 2 children.  The classroom is situated in the upper part of the school, which was extensively modernised in 2007.  It is adjacent to Cherry class, allowing for integration between the two classes and allows for a seamless transition from Early Years into Key Stage 1.  Children enjoy access to an outdoor play and learning area.


In Term 3, January 2019, our topic will be 'What's That Sound'.




Cedar Class

The year 5 and 6 children are taught in the main school building in a fully modernised classroom, immediately adjacent to the school library.

All classrooms are fully equipped with modern ICT equipment (netbooks and laptops within the classrooms), including interactive whiteboards and wireless networking facilities.

In Term 3, January 2019, our topic will be 'Frozen Kingdom'.

Benefits of mixed classes

Attending a small rural school has many advantages.  We are very fortunate at Finstock C of E School in having excellent staff:pupil ratios (around 1:10).  We also have a high level of support for our class teachers with learning support assistants. This ensures that children who need any extra help are extremely well catered for.  A further benefit is that all members of staff are able to get to know all children on an individual basis.

We actively urge parents to come in and sample the atmosphere of the school and witness first hand the advantages that Finstock School offers to the children.

Another aspect of Finstock school we are very proud of is the fact that the children know their peers through all the year groups, which encourages excellent social interaction.  This is evident in the school playground, the adjacent adventure playground, and once the children even teamed up with ex-Finstock pupils at secondary school.