Oak - Reception and Key Stage 1

TERM 1 PROJECT - School Days

School Days

In the School Days project, your child will have the opportunity to take part in a traditional Victorian class and will learn about the differences between schooling in the Victorian era and schooling today. They will learn about objects found in a Victorian classroom and how they were used. They will research Samuel Wilderspin, an important figure in the development of schooling for young children in the Victorian era, whose ideals are reflected in schooling today. They will learn to describe the passage of time through study of past, present and future tense vocabulary.


Topic Activity


Historical artefacts; Timelines; Present day schools; Our school; Victorian era; Victorian schools; Significant people – Samuel Wilderspin


Reception: Labels and Captions based on ourselves and our families; writing lists and telling stories based on Harvest festival.

KS1: Narrative writing based on We’re Going on a Bear Hunt; Traditional Tales based on The Little Red Writing Hood by Lari Don; Non-Fiction Recounts based on a woodland walk.


Reception: Representing numbers 1-5; Exploring patterns

KS1: Place value; Addition and subtraction


Fieldwork; Human and physical features; Maps; Local environment; Changes over time


Exploring colour and form based on the work of American pop artist James Rizzi 


Safely and hygienically preparing fruits and vegetables; Designing and making a supermarket sandwich.


Plants: Identify the basic parts of a plants, describe how plants chance over time;

Animals: Identify and describe similarities and differences between animals, their diets and how they should be cared for.  

PSHE Special people; Positive contributions
PE Football and Tennis


Topic homework will be set on Satchel One. You can pick from a range of projects and it is expected that four will be completed over the term. You can bring your homework into school to show and tell on a Friday. Your child’s wonderful work will either then be returned or displayed in the classroom. We can’t wait to see your amazing home learning!  

Log on to TTRS or Numbots to practice your times tables and number bonds. Try to do this 5 minutes a day - it really makes a difference! 

Maths quizzes linked to our learning are set weekly on https://diagnosticquestions.com 

Please check Satchel One for your class code to create an account.

Reading books are changed on a Monday. Please bring in your books if you would like to changed them.


What have we been learning this week? 

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Collective Worship

Our value this term is 'Generosity'. We have begun to explore what generosity means and discussed how we will can generous and sow seeds for the future. 


IMG 1585

We have thought about why it is important to give cheerfully and thought about a time when we were generous and how we hope we made the other person feel.

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We are currently learning about Creation in RE and exploring the question "Who made the world?" To begin, we went out into nature for quiet reflection time and discussed what we liked most about the world and then begun to question who we think made the world. 


IMG 1587

We have discussed the creation story from Genesis 1 and how Christians believe that God created the world in seven days. 

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