Oak - Reception and Key Stage 1

Term 3 and 4 Project - Bright Lights, Big City

In the Bright Lights, Big City project, your child will explore the capital city of England - London. They will learn the countries and capital cities of the United kingdom as well as identifying some key human and physical characteristics. In their in-depth study of London, the children will learn about landmarks and tourism, using geographical language to give directions. Finally, your child will compare their knowledge of London to an exploration of Kuala Lumpur, a big city on the other side of the world! The children will explore similarities and differences between the two cities, using their geography knowledge to support their ideas.

Memorable experience 

A walk around Finstock to explore some of our local landmarks and the physical and human features of the village. 


Bright Lights, Big City  

Innovate challenge 

Advise someone planning a trip to London 


Narrative - The Building Boy; Diary - The Great Fire of London; Information - Seasons 

Hooked on Books 

The Foolish Witch; Jellybean: Help from the Air 


Seasonal Changes 


Place value; Addition and Subtraction; Length and Height; Mass and Capacity; Money; Shape 

Religious Education 

Was it always easy for Jesus to show friendship? 

Design and Technology 


Art and Design 

Rain and Sunrays 


We are TV Chefs 

We are detectives


Adding rhythm and pitch; Introducing tempo and dynamics 

Our PE days this term are: Thursday (indoor) and Friday (outdoor)



Topic homework will be set on Satchel One. Please choose three to complete over the term. You can bring your homework into school to show and tell on a Friday. Your child’s wonderful work will either then be returned or displayed in the classroom. We can’t wait to see your amazing home learning!  

Log on to TTRS or Numbots to practice your times tables and number bonds. Try to do this 5 minutes a day - it really makes a difference! 

Maths quizzes linked to our learning are set weekly on https://diagnosticquestions.com 

Please check Satchel One for your class code to create an account.



In term 3, our Big Question is "Was it always easy for Jesus to show friendship?" We started by thinking about the actions a good friend might demonstrate. We have then gone on to listening to three stories from the Bible and discussed in each one whether Jesus found it easy to show friendship. Oak class have completed activities with friends to think about how to show friendship to others and how they can be a good friend. 

IMG 3098

Term 2, our Big Question was "What do Christians believe God is like?"

We started by looking at an image of the Parable of the Lost Son.  We imagined what else might have been in the picture by looking for clues.  We noticed that the man being hugged looked like he was wearing rags, which made us think he might be cold or poorly.

IMG 7930


IMG 7931


In Collective Worship, our current value is Courage. We have started to reflect on stories from the bible that demonstrate examples of courage, including the story of Moses and the Burning Bush. We have talked about what we might say to encourage our friends and what we might say that may discourage them.

In Prayer Space, we have been focusing on gratitude. We have been writing thankful thoughts and sharing them with our friends. 

Here are some of the things we have got up to in term 3 and 4:

Geography: We have been exploring our local area and learning more about human and physical features of a location. We have been looking at the differences between a city, town and village comparing London, Witney and Finstock. We enjoyed our walk around Finstock to look at some of our local features.

IMG 4028             IMG 4032

IMG 4040

Science: Our science project is about seasonal changes. We have been learning more about the seasons and how it affects the weather, plants and animals. We became weather forecasters and predicted the weather for the day ahead. 

        IMG 3404

Design and Technology: Our D.T. project is called 'Taxi'. We have been finding out more about London taxi's and how they have a chassis, axle and wheels. Oak class have been experimenting with different moving parts before designing and making their own London taxi's.

IMG 3072           IMG 3075

IMG 3328

Communication and Language: In Reception, we read the book 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Morpurgo. We explored the book using our senses and Grandma Fantastic introduced us to some new words. The children wrote some great senses thinking about what we could see and feel.

IMG 3263        IMG 3275

IMG 3283

Here are some of the things we did in term 1 and 2:

History:  We had two visitors come and share their experiences of growing up in the 1950s.  Mr Westmacott brought in his rugby ball and boots from when he was a boy, and Mrs Westmacott brought in her doll, teddy and photo albums of her family.


 IMG 7857                         IMG 7899                        


We also made our own class museum using artefacts loaned to us from the Oxfordshire Museum.  We had to be really careful handling the items because they were very old!


IMG 7817        IMG 7808


Science: Our science project is about everyday materials.  We have learnt about natural and man-made materials, and we enjoyed sorting objects into the materials we thought they were made of.


IMG 2730Some objects even made noises!        IMG 2728        IMG 2701


Art and Design: Our art project is called 'Mix it up' and is all about using the primary colours to make secondary colours.  We have explored making different shades by paitning and printing.


IMG 8494                 IMG 8475


The Write Stuff: Year 1 and 2 are currently reading the book 'Grandad's Island' by Benji Davies in our Write Stuff lessons.  We sailed on a boat on a VERY rough sea for one of our experience lessons, and then wrote about what we saw.

IMG 8453           IMG 8457


Communication and Language: In Reception we read the book 'In Every House, on Every Street' by Jess Hitchman. We worked together to make a safe house for our dolls that wouldn't fall down!


IMG 2563



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