Worship with us

Friday Celebrations

On Friday's, we welcome families into the school to share our pupils' marvellous achievements from that week. 

The service is child-led. Each week, two children volunteer to be our worship leaders. They say the welcome words and light the candle. 

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A range of awards are given out that celebrate the children for their various acheivements throughout the week, such as celebrating perseverance and our current school value. The weeks' worship leaders finish by leading the school and the families in our school prayer.

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Parent voice

'It's wonderful sharing the children's achievements of the week. Seeing them cheer each other on is lovely, as is watching the children share their work and learning (Be the change assembly was great!). I think it's a lovely event, thank you for inviting us to join in.'

'I love that it's very child lead.'

'Lovely seeing the kids reactions when they achieve a certificate or an award.'