Enrichment Clubs

Sport and Athletics Club Summer 2024

Welcome to the Sports and Athletics Club! This club offers a dynamic range of sports and activities aimed at fostering physical fitness, skill development, and leadership amongst our students.

From the classic favourites like football and cricket to the fast-paced action of netball, there's something for everyone. Sessions emphasise the development of balance, agility, and coordination through fun and engaging activities.

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We believe in empowering our students to take ownership of their athletic journey. In this club, children have the freedom to choose which sports they want to focus on. Our club is inclusive of all children from Reception to Year 6. Older children have the chance to mentor and support younger members, fostering a sense of responsibility, teamwork and leadership skills. 

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KS1 Computing Club Spring 2024

In computing club, we have begun learning about algorithms and how to create these. We started by programming ourselves to move across the classroom using forwards, backwards, left turn and right turn. 

We then learnt how to use the Beebots and programmed them to move across the mats. We have started learning how debug when our programs go wrong!

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Art and Design Club Autumn 2023

In Art Club, we look at a variety of artists and learn to use a range of different media. 

We learnt about Van Gogh and used oil pastels to create our own Starry Nights!


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During Diwali, the festival of lights, we looked at Rangoli patterns and created our own using chalks. We began on black paper and then went outside and drew Rangoli's on the pavement. 

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We created Christmas crafts! W made lolly stick Christmas trees using pompoms and glitter. The children couldn't wait to hang them on the tree! 

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Year 6 SATs Club Summer 2024

All of Year 6 will be joining me for an hour every Wednesday to prepare for thier SATs tests. SATs club will be a combination of Complete maths, drilling, Reading and SpaG practice.

Japanese Club Autumn 2023 & Spring 2024

Konnichiwa Min'na san

(Hello everybody)

In Club Japan we have been learning basic conversational Japanese, how to pronounce our names and describe things and how to say how old we are. We have also looked at Japanese culture and food (the children were very surprised that there was more to Japan than Pokemon and sushi). Going forward, we will learn to write our names in Hiragana and talk about where we live.