Outside Reflection Areas

Our school's Outdoor Reflection Areas are a serene space designed for contemplation, growth, and spiritual development. These special areas allow students and staff to engage in quiet moments of reflection amidst natural beauty, providing an opportunity to connect with themselves and the world around them.

As a school that values spirituality, we believe in nurturing the holistic development of each child. The outdoor reflection areas serve as a haven where individuals can explore the deeper questions about the meaning and purpose of life. Through reflection and meditation, students can find balance, draw inspiration, and develop a sense of inner peace. Our reflection areas align with our philosophy by promoting a space where children can freely explore their values and beliefs. As students become more aware of themselves and their emotions, they are encouraged to ask the big questions and embrace the 'wow' factor that comes with moments of profound insight.

These spaces are designed to be a place to find solace, spark creativity, and experience the wonder of life.

We are currently developing the outdoor reflection areas using designs created by the children in each class, ensuring that the spaces are individualised to the unique needs and wants of our pupils. By incorporating the students' ideas, we aim to create a truly personal and meaningful environment that reflects the spirit of our school community. This collaborative approach not only enriches the experience for everyone but also encourages a sense of ownership and pride among the students, making the outdoor reflection areas truly special places to be.


In Cherry Class, we envisioned a space where we could sit and enjoy the tranquillity of nature, creating a place for quiet reflection. Our plan included comfortable cushions and wind chimes to add a soothing auditory element. We also wanted a vibrant setting, incorporating beautifully scented flowers and colourful hanging ribbons.

To personalise the area, we planned to create reflective stones by painting them in bright colours with symbols that represent our values and favourite things. Additionally, we wanted to install a chalkboard where we could write down our thoughts and reflections.

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We have begun creating ribbon hangings, tying ribbons to our frame in memory and celebration of the people we love. We've also started clearing the area in preparation for planting new scented and colourful flowers. Our reflective stones have been decorated to represent our values and reflect on the things we cherish.

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IMG 4770 2024 04 26 18 08 22


Oak Class designed our outdoor reflection area by considering the features that are most meaningful to them. The pupils proposed including a cross to symbolise their faith and to reflect on the life and sacrifices of Jesus, which would foster a closer connection to God. They emphasised the importance of caring for nature as a way to connect with spirituality.

Our design includes a rainbow-themed garden, with vibrant colours to represent hope and inclusivity. We envision tall trees decorated with ribbons and wind chimes, which would create a gentle, soothing sound in the breeze. Bird feeders are also part of the plan, inviting wildlife into the space to reinforce the idea of caring for all living creatures.

A prayer wall, an essential feature from our indoor reflection area, is planned to be part of the outdoor environment, providing a place for personal prayers and messages. This combination of elements creates a vision for a space where we can explore their spirituality in a natural and uplifting setting.

IMG 4765 2024 04 26 12 59 20

We have installed a large cross in the garden and started decorating the area with colourful hanging ribbons and garden windmills.

IMG 4767 2024 04 26 18 08 20

IMG 4769 2024 04 26 18 08 21


We have acquired outdoor mats and cushions to make the space more comfortable. An outdoor speaker provides relaxing music to enhance the atmosphere. We have purchased bird feeders to attract wildlife. Bamboo wind chimes hang from the trees, adding a gentle sound to the surroundings.

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IMG 5515 2024 05 08 13 19 11

IMG 5216 2024 05 08 13 01 01

Our next step is to develop the garden further. We're selecting plants and colourful flowers to enrich the space.


In Cedar Class, we cherish our connection with nature. Our plan includes creating a functional vegetable garden to grow herbs like rosemary and thyme. We also aim to create a wildlife haven by building a bug hotel, hedgehog house, and bird feeders. To encourage a calm and reflective atmosphere, we intend to install wind chimes and a water feature.

IMG 4764 2024 04 26 12 59 19

Our initial steps included installing wind chimes and hanging ribbons to create a calm and tranquil environment. We added ribbons for weaving through the gazebo lattice and hanging from the roof. 

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IMG 5518 2024 05 08 13 57 33