Online Safety

Online safety in schools is of paramount importance.  As the online world evolves, so do both the online risks facing our children.  


The role of Parents and Carers  

You are the first line of defence in keeping children safe online. Online risks do not start and stop at the school gates. If we can work together on your child’s online safety, we can ensure they are receiving the most complete protection they possibly can. With this in mind, we have signed up to National Online Safety, a fantastic platform which provides support for students, parents and staff which we hope you will find useful.  

NOSThe link below will take you to a sign up page where you can fill in your details and register for an account. You will then be able to instantly access all of the free resources, such as parent guides to Snapchat and other social media sites, and guides to gaming. It also gives you access to a free qualification which we recommend that every parent/carer aims to complete: Annual Level 1 Online Safety Course for Parents & Carers (2020-21): 



What you will learn 

Delivered wholly through video, you will learn about a wide range of online dangers across three main areas:  

  • Unsafe communications: Online relationships; fake profiles; online bullying; online grooming; child sexual exploitation; sexual violence & harassment; sexting and live streaming.   

  • Effects to mental health, wellbeing and lifestyle: Online vs offline identity; social media & mental health; device addiction; online challenges; overspending; online gambling and radicalisation. 

  • Managing online information: Online reputation; age-inappropriate content; fraud (online); fake news; targeted advertising; personal data and the dark web.  

  • You will learn about each online danger, what the risks are around each danger, potential signs and what parents, carers and trusted adults can do to help ensure their children stay safe online.  

We hope you will find access to National Online Safety useful.  Let's work together to keep our children safe online.


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