Cedar - Key Stage 2

Term 1 and 2 Project - Dynamic Dynasties

      Dynamic Dynasties                        

In Dynamic Dynasties, your child will learn about periods of ancient Chinese history. They will explore a timeline of the first five Chinese dynasties and learn about the legends surrounding the beginning of Chinese civilisation. They will take a deep dive into the history of the Bronze Age Shang Dynasty and explore evidence found in the ancient city of Yin. They will study oracle bones, learn about religious beliefs and explore bronze artefacts that set the Shang Dynasty apart from other civilisations. They will also study the hierarchy of the Shang Dynasty and discover who was powerful and who was powerless. They will look at warfare and find out how bronze technology gave the Shang Dynasty an advantage over their enemies. They will learn about the life of the great military leader, Fu Hao. The children will then look at significant aspects of life after the Shang Dynasty, including the work of Confucius in the Zhou Dynasty, the short but significant reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huang of the Qin Dynasty and the importance of the Silk Road created by the Han Dynasty. To end the project, your child will find out how ancient China’s lasting legacy can be seen in the world today.

So far this term we have looked at art, artefacts, primary and secondary resources to draw conclusions about the way they lived and make comparisons to other Bronze age cultures. The children have also been comparing life then to how we live now. 

In Geography we have been investigating our world. We began the topic with learning to read OS maps and have moved on now to time zones and climate zones.

In Science the children have been focusing on forces. We have looked a the difference between Mass and Weight and how we measure these. We have also been reading up on Gravity. The children's interest in Gravity even prompted a short foray into the topic of relativity. Needless to say, when the children heard that objects with enough Mass can bend space AND time, a few minds were blown.


Religious Education

Religious Education

In RE this term we have been exploring our BIG Question:

How do Hindu people show commitment to god?

We have been learning about Dharma (right living), Pilgrimages and how Hindus worship at home. The children have been making links to other religions as well with many noticing that the rules for right living relate closely to the teachings in the bible. 


Collective worship

In Collective Worship this term we have been learning about the value of TRUST. We have explored a variety of reading from the bible and unpicked them to see how they teach us about TRUST.

The children lead our Harvest Service at Holy Trinity Church, where our families and community joined us to celebrate God's bounty and express our thankfulness through song and prayer.


Prayer space

Prayer space enables children, of all faiths and none, to explore these life questions, spirituality and faith in a safe, creative and interactive way. 

We have been creating a variety of images and collecting thoughts on the topic of trust and linked these to everyday life. We have looked at how exploration relies on TRUST and how things like expeditions to the moon or the summit of Mt. Everest would not have been possible without TRUST. We have also been reading about 'God Jobs' and how God selects people to do his work. You have to be pretty TRUSTworthy for that!




Tuesday and Wednesday: Please ensure that children arrive on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in their PE kits and bring a named water bottle with them on these days.

Home learning

Homework will be set on a Friday. Home learning journals will be sent home to be returned by the following Thursday. Activities and reading logs can be accessed via our online learning platform, Learning with Parents. 


Reading Books

We hope that you will be able to read with your child for at least 10 minutes per day. Every Friday we will have a library session during which your child will choose a new reading book to take home or continue with one they are already reading.  Books cannot be changed for a new text unless the previous one is returned.


Times Tables Rock Stars and Numbots

Please use your username and password to log into the platforms (it is the same for both).  Here you can practise your number bonds and times tables. Certificates will be given out in Celebration Assembly on Fridays.

https://ttrockstars.com/ - Time table practice. A specific times table will be set by your teacher weekly

https://numbots.com/ - Number bond practice.






Every day

Your child will need to bring in a healthy snack (a piece of fruit or veg) everyday for break, and a full water bottle.

Please keep an eye on the school newsletters, especially the ‘Dates for the Diary’. We will keep updating the school website throughout the term so make sure you have a look to see your child’s amazing learning!



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