Cedar - Key Stage 2

TERM 5 PROJECT - GALLERY REBELS Gallery Rebels | Year 6 Art and Design | KS2 | Cornerstones Education 


Colours collide, melting together on the canvas: an impression of light, a rage of red, a lobster perched on a telephone. Come and find out about the bizarre and eccentric minds of the gallery rebels. Art can be an act of rebellion. Can you change the world with a paintbrush, a thought, or an idea? Dream the dream, or show us your nightmares. What do you see? Watches melting? Wheels spinning? A shark in a box? Can you express yourself without words? Well, a picture paints a thousand of them. Try your hand at a Damien Hirst sculpture, exploring the weird and wonderful to create a curious treasure for the next generation. Take up your arms and fight for the cause. Paintbrushes and sketchbooks at the ready. Let’s make art.

Pack up your pencils, pick up your paintbrushes and prepare to be amazed by the wonderful work of 19th and 20th century artists.

During this half term, we’ll virtually visit an art gallery to view an exhibition. We’ll talk about features of the artwork and sketch our favourite pieces. We’ll research important artwork of the 19th and 20th centuries online, choosing a favourite piece of art to describe in more detail. Using maps, we’ll locate art galleries around the world and calculate how much it would cost to get there. When we’ve gathered a range of materials, we’ll make beautiful sketchbooks and use them to collect ideas and inspiration. We’ll create pieces of art inspired by well known artists and use search engines to source images of modern art to put into a digital portfolio. We’ll express ourselves through poetry, stories, music and painting. Art can affect our feelings and emotions, and we’ll investigate whether everyone responds in the same way. We’ll also use found objects to create a surreal sculpture.

Help your child prepare for their project
There are many different styles of artwork, and inspiration can be found all around us. Why not go into the garden together and sketch various objects or plants? You could also reimagine these same objects in an impressionist or surrealist style. Alternatively, work together to collect natural objects and make a colourful collage.



We are learning about the Christian holiday of Pentecost, which is celebrated on the 50th day from Easter Sunday. We have learned about what the holiday commemorates and how it is celebrated. The children have been exploring Pentecost artwork from the past as well as modern interpretations. We have described the similarities and differences between them, and enjoyed looking at and discussing the use of vibrant colours and symbols. 

Collective Worship

This term Cedar Class are exploring the value of Respect. We have been discussing how we show respect to our families by helping out at home and speaking kindly to each other. We have also considered how we should treat our friends with respect at school by sharing and taking it in turns. We have enjoyed creating Respect Washing Lines and some art which reflects what Respect looks and sounds like.