The idea of pilgrimage – a spiritual journey to a sacred place – is buried deep within our understanding of spirituality and religious practice.

Pilgrimage is a meaningful journey to a sacred place. The journey is shared between all members of the community - Church, School and Families- to support and develop a deeper relationship as you walk and journey together. It provides the opportunity to step out of the non-stop busyness of lives, to seek a time of quiet and reflection. It gives us the chance to ‘walk through’ anything that we have on our minds, and is a time of ‘being’ rather than always ‘doing’.

Spring Pilgrimage

For our Spring pilgrimage, we turned our school hall into our sacred space. The children set out examples of their work and created activities for themselves and the rest of the school to engage with in order to deepen their understanding of our 'Big Questions'. 

Calm music was playing and the lights were dimmed to encourage reflection. 

Pupil voice

"I've enjoyed looking at how amazing Cedar and Oak's work is, and seeing the things people have learnt"

"I enjoyed thinking about Jesus and reflecting on how respected he was"

"We could reflect on much more than just in Prayer Space"

"This has made me feel relaxed and calm, it is so much fun."

"I feel calm after doing this lovely thing, meeting up to collectively worship."

"This Pilgrimage makes me feel happy and I liked all the activities. This was a fun way of looking back and forward and reflecting." 

Here are some photo's of our Spring Pilgrimage

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