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In term 4, our Big Question is 'Why does Easter matter to Christians?'. 

Our memorable experience for this project was investigating Spring. We searched for signs of Spring in the outdoor environment. We discussed how Spring represents new life and how this relates to Easter. 

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In term 3, our Big Question was, "Why was Jesus welcomed like a king or celebrity by the crowds on Palm Sunday?". Throughout the term, we will be learning about how Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem on the meaning of Palm Sunday. 

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In term 2, our Big Question was "Why does Christmas matter to Christians?". We learnt about the Nativity Story and went on a story trail to find out more. We  discussed the meaning of Advent and what traditions Christians have during this period. We made advent wreathes and thought about the symbolism of these. 

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In term 1, our Big Question was "Who made the world?". We are learning about the concept of Creation within Christianity. We have thought about how Christians believe God created the world and read Geneis 1.

We have discussed how Christians thank God for our creation through prayer and gratitude. We created Harvest prayers thinking about what Christians may want to thank God for during Harvest. 


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Collective Worship

In Collective Worship, our current value is perseverance.


Hebrews 12.1: Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us that is before us.

Deuteronomy 13.6: The Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you of forsake you



Religious Education

In RE this term we have been exploring our BIG Question:

Was Jesus the Messiah?

We have been learning about Jesus, the menaing behind his visit, and his messages to us. We have also been lookling at evidence in text to support our views.  Cedar mader links to other cultures, religions and areas of learning while drawing their conclusions. We finished the topic off by examinging his messages to the world and imagining what messages he would share with us if he were to return to Earth today.


Collective worship

In Collective Worship this term we have been learning about the value of TRUST. We have explored a variety of reading from the bible and unpicked them to see how they teach us about TRUST.

The children enjoyed a Christingle service at Finstock Church. We made Christingles and discussed their meaning. Some of the children even wrote prayers to share in the service.


Prayer space

Prayer spaces enable children and young people, of all faiths and none, to explore life's questions, spirituality and faith in a safe and creative ways.

In prayer space this term we have been engaging in a variety of activities:

  1. Shredding worries - We write our worries on a piece of paper before shredding them (see picture).
  2. Stop, think, draw - Take a moment to draw something in nature you find beautiful and be thankful for it.
  3. Turning over a new leaf - We write what we want to improve on one side of the leaf and how we will achieve that on the other.


    Shredding Worries 2