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Cherry Class

Term 6

Our theme this term is 'Special Places'. Our big question is 'What makes places special?'. We are learning about different special places around the world and exploring what special places we have ourselves and what makes them special. We will later be exploring churches, synagogues, and mosques. 

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Term 5

Our theme last term was 'Stories from around the world'. Our big question is 'What can we learn from stories?'. We were introduced to stories from a range of countries and religions, such as: India, Asia, Christianity and Islam. 

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Term 4

Our Big Question was: 'Why do Christians put a cross in the Easter Garden?'. Our theme this term is salvation
This week we looked at the symbolism of hot cross buns:

'It has a cross because Jesus was on the cross'

Then we ate them, yummy!

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Next, we made our own paper plate Easter Gardens. The children made a cave for Jesus's tomb and decorated a cross for the garden. 

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Oak Class - RE

Term 6

Our Big Question is 'How important is it for Jewish people to do what God asks them to do?'. Our theme this term is Passover.

We began by discussing who we listen to and why.

I listen to my mummy because she is kind.

I listen to Miss James because she is caring. 

We have then discussed the origins of Passover by exploring the bible story of Exodus. We thought about how the Israelites must have felt when crossing the Red Sea. 

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Term 5

Our Big Question was 'Is Shabbat important to Jewish children?'.

To begin our new project, we discussed the days of the week and if any days were special to us. What do we do on these special days and why are they special? 

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We have learnt more about Judaism and reflected on what places and objects are important to Jewish people and why they are important. 

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Our memorable experience for this project will be visiting a local Synagogue. 

Term 4

Our Big Question was 'Why does Easter matter to Christians?'. 

Our memorable experience for this project was investigating Spring. We searched for signs of Spring in the outdoor environment. We discussed how Spring represents new life and how this relates to Easter. 

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We explored the Easter Weekend. We looked at hot cross buns and noticed they had the cross on them to represent Jesus dying on the cross. We made Easter Gardens ready to celebrate Easter. 

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Term 3

Our Big Question was, "Why was Jesus welcomed like a king or celebrity by the crowds on Palm Sunday?". Throughout the term, we will be learning about how Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem on the meaning of Palm Sunday. 

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Term 2

Our Big Question was "Why does Christmas matter to Christians?". We learnt about the Nativity Story and went on a story trail to find out more. We  discussed the meaning of Advent and what traditions Christians have during this period. We made advent wreathes and thought about the symbolism of these. 

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Term 1 

Our Big Question was "Who made the world?". We are learning about the concept of Creation within Christianity. We have thought about how Christians believe God created the world and read Geneis 1.

We have discussed how Christians thank God for our creation through prayer and gratitude. We created Harvest prayers thinking about what Christians may want to thank God for during Harvest. 


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Oak Class - Collective Worship

In Collective Worship, our current value is justiceWe have started to reflect on stories from the bible that demonstrate examples of justiceWe have thought about why it is important to keep on trying and how this makes us feel. 

To begin exploring our new value, we discussed equality and how treating people fairly does not always mean treating everyone exactly the same. We demonstrated this by sharing blocks of all different shapes and sizes. Not everyone could have the same because all the blocks were different. We shared them as fairly as we could to make sure everyone was happy with what they had. 

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Matthew 21.12-13: …my Temple will be called a house of prayer. But you have turned it into a hideout for thieves. (Jesus turning the tables in the temple)

Micah 6. 9: What does the Lord require of you? To do justice, love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

Matthew 5. 13-14: ‘You are the salt of the earth………… You are the light of the world.’


Our value last term was perseveranceWe reflected on stories from the bible that demonstrate examples of perseverance. We thought about why it is important to keep on trying and how this makes us feel. 

We explored the bible story of Daniel in the lions den and discussed how Daniel persevered in his commitment to praying to God, and persevered in his trust that God would protect him. 

We thought about things we find difficult and set ourselves challenges. At the end of the term, we reviewed our challenges and thought about how and why we made progress. 


Hebrews 12.1: Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us that is before us.

Deuteronomy 13.6: The Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you of forsake you

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Cedar Class - RE

Term 6

Religious education

What does it mean for Christians if God is holy and loving?

This term we will be exploring Christian belief in God. We will be looking at how this belief is expressed through art, architecture and worship. We will explore what God would like to see in us by looking at the things loved and hated by God. We will develop our understanding of what it is to be holy and loving and what that means to Christians. We have begun this project by looking at our ideas about God and then comparing that to scripture. We responded to this learning by writing Haiku and Cinquain.

"His power unmatched,

His passion moves mountains,

His love transcends all."

Jack Nicholls Year 6 


Term 5

Religious Education

In RE this term we have been looking at Hinduism and exploring the BIG Question: Do beliefs in Karma, Samsara and Moksha help Hindus lead good lives?  The Children are learning about the Hindu belief in reincarnation, and how karma can influence where you are on the cycle in the next life. They are also learning that, through devotion to one of the paths and dharma (right living) Hindus believe they can leave the cycle of reincarnation and gain moksha (freedom).

Do beleifs in Karma, Samsara and Moksha help Hindus to lead good lives?


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Term 4

Religious Education

In RE this term we have been exploring the BIG Question: In RE this term we have been looking at sacrifice and how sacrifices big or small can create change for the better. We looked at the sacrifices Jesus made but also those of the modern martyrs celebrated at Westminster Abbey.

What did Jesus do to save human beings?

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IMG 9455

Term 3 

Religious Education

What would Jesus do?

In RE this term we have been exploring our BIG Question: 
We have been focussing on Jesus' miracles and how he resolved problems. We have then been looking at how we can apply the messages in these stories to our everyday lives. 

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Term 2

Religious Education

In RE this term we have been exploring our BIG Question:

Was Jesus the Messiah?

We have been learning about Jesus, the menaing behind his visit, and his messages to us. We have also been lookling at evidence in text to support our views.  Cedar mader links to other cultures, religions and areas of learning while drawing their conclusions. We finished the topic off by examinging his messages to the world and imagining what messages he would share with us if he were to return to Earth today.


Term 1 

Religious Education

In RE this term our big Question was:

How do Hindus show commitment to god?

We looked at routines and rituals around prayer, such as puja worship, and we looked at pilgrimages, particularly those like the pilgrimage to the sacred river Ganges alongside the concept of Dharma.

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Prayer space

Prayer spaces enable children and young people, of all faiths and none, to explore life's questions, spirituality and faith in a safe and creative ways.

Term 5

In Prayer Space this term we are focussing on two of our charities:

Christian Aid - The plight of women around the world. Children will read and respond to a number of case studies about the plight of women in countries where they are not treated as equal.

World Vision - Global hungher Kenya. The children will be learning about Anita and her family and how World Vision have given her hope for the future.

Term 4

In prayer space this term we have been engaging in a variety of activities:

1. Global Hunger Zambia - The children meet a child ('Honest') helped by world vision. The learn about his plight and how world vision helped by donating goats. The children then write prayers and or messages on goat cut outs to pin up in our prayer space.

Term 3

In prayer space this term we have been engaging in a variety of activities:

1. I have a dream - In which children using the Martin Luther-King quote 'I have a dream' are to write their hopes for a brigther future.

2. Leaders for change - In which the cnhildren consider changes they would like current and future leaders to make.

3. Doves of peace - The children post prayers written on doves to cover words often associated with war.

Term 1 and 2

In prayer space this term we have been engaging in a variety of activities:

  1. Shredding worries - We write our worries on a piece of paper before shredding them (see picture).
  2. Stop, think, draw - Take a moment to draw something in nature you find beautiful and be thankful for it.
  3. Turning over a new leaf - We write what we want to improve on one side of the leaf and how we will achieve that on the other.


    Shredding Worries 2


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Cedar Class - Collective Worship

Terms 5 and 6

In Cedar class this term we are focussing on the value of Justice. We have been unpicking bible stories and looking for the central message or theme, then considering how this knowledge and understanding affects us. 

Isaiah 30:18 And Psalm 33:4-6'Therefore, the Lord waits to be gracious to you, and therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you. For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed are all those who wait for him. '


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Terms 3 and 4

In Cedar class this term we have been focusing on the value of Perseverance. We have been reading related bible stories and discussing how we can take this learning and apply it to our lives. We also tried some physical activities to see how persevering, even when it is tough, can be rewarding.


 Romans 2:6-7 God “will repay each person according to what they have done.” To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honour and immortality, he will give eternal life.