Centre of the Community

There are various events throughout the year that enable the school to share its activities with parents and with the community as a whole.  These include the harvest festival and the special end of term services at Holy Trinity Church. In addition, we have weekly celebration assemblies where children are rewarded for academic, social and moral achievement.  There is a daily act of worship and there are regular open assemblies.

Our maypole dancers perform at a variety of events, including the annual school fete, Finstock Church garden party and at the Ramsden village fete during the summer.

The children give several musical performances throughout the year – including a Nativity at Christmas performed by our youngest children in the Early Years Unit and Key Stage 1, a performance at Easter by our Year 4 and 5 pupils, and an end of year performance by our Year 5 and 6.  We also have an annual musical showcase, where children can share their musical talents with the rest of the school.

We regularly invite the members of the local community to join us for events such as a Christmas ‘Coffee and Carols’ and Macmillan Coffee Morning.

Adventure Playground

The Finstock Golden Jubilee Playground, immediately adjacent to the school, was designed in partnership between the school and the village in 2005.

The project was the first community build of its kind in the UK. Everybody joined in, from children to adults, staff of the school and villagers from Finstock in an amazing display of community spirit.