The Finstock Way

In a world where the algorithms are set to provide us more of the same, we see education's role to provide our children with something different. We believe that teaching is profoundly moral and worthwhile; we breathe in our children in a morning and exhale them in the afternoon, ensuring they know what came before and are enabled to be part of something greater. At Finstock Church of England Primary School our curriculum will whisper "you belong, you are one of us".


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At Finstock, we feel incredibly fortunate to be able to bespoke the education for each of our pupils. Having small numbers in the school allows us to ensure we identify gaps in knowledge, understanding and skills and place them in homogenised groups to close those gaps effectively. This strategy prevents children from having interventions at other times of the day and missing out on a broad and balanced curriculum. Whilst we strive to ensure all children are working at, or above 'age related expectations' (ARE), we know that prerequisites must be embedded before moving on. We extend the school day for some of our pupils to pre teach before school and post teach after school. 


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As a research informed Trust, we ensure everything we do is informed by research and knowledge and understanding of our context. The 5 questions above drive our school improvement. 

Quality of Education

Our curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning. We are truly inclusive; children are grouped in fluid and flexible progress groups to ensure no child is left behind. We believe that all children are entitled to the arts and the outdoors. Oracy wraps around our knowledge - rich curriculum; we explicitly teach the physical, linguistic, cognitive, social and emotional strands throughout our curriculum. We believe that children deserve and education rich in wonder and memorable experience. Where creativity and curiosity flourish, alongside the purposeful acquisition of knowledge and skills. We believe this helps children become well rounded, happy individuals, ready to succeed in an ever-changing world.

We use the 'I do, we do, you do' model;




As part of our constant goal to raise standards, the main focus must be on the classroom where continued and sustained improvement is dependent upon improving the quality of the teaching and learning that is taking place on a daily basis.

At this school, it is our expectation that all pupils are provided with high quality learning experiences that lead to consistently high levels of pupil achievement.

We expect every teacher to be a good teacher – no child deserves less!

Our Aims

  • We aim to ensure that all pupils make progress using our ‘catch up’ and ‘keep up’ strategies.
  • We aim to use feedback to identify and close the gap between what they can currently do and what we would like them to be able to do.
  • We aim to make the right decisions, for the right reasons and influenced by evidenced based research.
  • We aim to provide an inclusive environment for all of our pupils.
  • We recognise and celebrate the achievements of our pupils.
  • We aim to establish and maintain an effective partnership with parents and the wider community
  • We aim to learn from each other, through the adoption of a collaborative, enquiry based approach to teaching and learning, where good practice is frequently shared.