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Cherry class is a fantastic classroom that is full of learning opportunities for our younger children. Mrs Harris, our incredibly talented and experienced Nursery Nurse, ensures that the continuous provision in this classroom and the adjoining outdoor space enables our children to learn through play and develop their;

  •  Communication and language
  •  Physical development
  •  Personal, social and emotional development
  •  Literacy
  •  Mathematics
  •  Understanding the world
  •  Expressive arts and design


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To enable groupings to be fluid and flexible, the curriculum is carefully designed to ensure there's a thematic link between projects. For example, nursery's project 'why can't I have chocolate for breakfast?', reception's 'Why are carrots orange?' and Key Stage 1's 'Scrummdiddlyumptious' are all food based projects. Children are sensitively and carefully guided to the appropriate learning opportunities to ensure knowledge is cumulatively sequenced for each child. 


Our current topics are Starry Night and Winter Wonderland

]Starry Night

In the Starry Night project, your child will explore the differences between the world at night time compared with daytime, through a range of exciting and creative activities. They will find out about nocturnal animals and how they find food when it is dark. They will find out about people who work at night and the different jobs that people do when we are asleep. They will discuss bedtime routines and the importance of a good night’s sleep. They will explore the night sky and find out about the Moon and stars.

In the Winter Wonderland project, your child will explore the seasonal changes that happen during winter. They will find out about the different weather associated with the winter season and explore changes that happens to water as it freezes. They will find out about what happens to plants and animals during cold weather and explore places in the world that are always cold and snowy, including the animals that live there.

Supporting your child at home

  • Look at the night sky and see how many stars you can see each night.
  • See how the Moon changes shape each night.
  • Go on a short walk after dark or go into the garden. Take a torch to light the way. Discuss how things look different in the dark.
  • Go on a winter walk and talk about how the environment has changed since the summer months.
  • Put bird food out in the garden or on a window ledge and observe the birds that visit.
  • Leave water out in a shallow container overnight on a cold night and see if the water freezes.
  • If it snows, build a snowman, and take a photo of it to share with the rest of the class.
  • Share and discuss the Did you know? Resources

Memorable experience

Day and night walk


Number; Numerical patterns; Understanding numbers to 10


Gross motor skills: Tennis and games in PE. Fine motor skills: Threading, sewing, playdough,


Self-regulation; Managing self; Building relationships; Cleaning our teeth


Past and present; The natural world; Nocturnal Animals, Winter animals and habitats; shadows and night; 

Exp A&D

Creating with materials; Being imaginative and expressive

Creating rockets and moon buggy's, Icy music and art


Listening, attention and understanding; Speaking


We're going on a bear hunt; Rosie's walk; Creating a Penguin Fact File 

Suggested text

Peace at Last - Jill Murphy; Whatever Next! - Jill Murphy; How to Catch a Star - Oliver Jeffers; Owl Babies - Martin Waddell

Innovate challenge

Tessy Bear can't sleep, Making winter bird food cakes

What have we been learning this week...

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Prayer Space

This term we have launched our Prayer Spaces. We have discussed what prayer is, what people may pray for, and the different ways in which people pray. We have a collection of activities to access, or we simply sit and reflect.


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