Oak Class

Oak Class is taught by Mrs Sellars. This is our infants class - a perfect mix of structured learning and continuous provision. 


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Our topic for September is The Scented Garden

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In this topic children will explore the sensory world of plants and the environment developing their knowledge of the five senses, how plants grow, and how we can use them in everyday life.

You can start learning some key information by looking at the Knowledge organiser in the files below or get your mind thinking with some interesting facts. 

Over Summer you might want to start your learning with some of these activities: 

- Plant bulbs and seeds at home and watch them grow. Bring in your plants (or photographs of them) to show your class.

- Grow a sunflower and keep a record of its height. Who can grow the tallest in the class?

- Keep a plant diary, explaining how you grew a plant. Include photographs or drawings of each stage of your plant’s development.

- With an adult, search the web for examples of amazing plants and make your own weird and wonderful plant book.

- On a visit to the supermarket, find and discuss plants you can eat, including herbs, vegetables and fruit. Which part of the plant are they? The roots? The leaves? The flower? The stem?

- Visit a garden centre, florist or plant sale, or take a walk in your garden or local area. Amaze your adults with your knowledge of plant names. Find out the names of any plants you don’t recognise.

- Read and talk about stories and poems with your adult on the theme of flowers and plants.

- Visit the local library and find non-fiction books about planting. Look for information using the contents and index pages. Write down any new facts you have learned and bring them in to share with the class.

- Grow a herb garden at home and use your herbs in some delicious recipes for your family and friends.

- Learn how to spell the names of some common flowering plants such as rose, daisy, iris and tulip.

- Paint or draw flowers growing in the local environment or in a vase or pot in your home. Find pictures online of famous flower paintings and talk about your likes and dislikes with your adult.

- Press flowers between the pages of a book and use them to make gifts or cards for your family and friends.







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Fun facts SG 16th Jul 2020 Download
Knowledge organiser SG 16th Jul 2020 Download