Oak Class

Oak Class is currently home to our EYFS, Y1 and Y2 children. It has an internal door which opens directly into Cherry Class (Nursery). This means that the EYFS children have the best of both worlds - some time with older children but also 'continuous provision' in Cherry. 


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Our second project of the year is SCRUMDIDDLYUMPTIOUS!

We’re going to enjoy a yummy journey of discovery, sampling fantastic fruits and tantalising treats!

This half term, we’ll visit a local supermarket to find out about the food sold there. We’ll bring back samples of fruits and vegetables so we can investigate them using our senses. Will we like everything we taste? We’ll try different types of bread, and maybe even bake our own. In art and design, we’ll look closely at fruits and vegetables and sketch what we can see. We’ll follow recipes and learn about foods from around the world. Our science work will focus on food groups and how food can be altered. Will we be able to create bouncy eggs, edible slime or exploding chocolate drops? Using fruits and vegetables, we’ll make musical instruments and sculptures. We’ll also learn about the fascinating discoveries made by the physicist James Lind.

Finally, we’ll invite you to sample some of the delicious foods we’ve made. We hope you’ll like them! We’ll sing songs about food and play our vegetable musical instruments.







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